Breakside Brand Experience

When Breakside called us, we were already loving their beer, evidenced by the empty IPA keg shells littering our office kitchen. Then we raised a pint to a perfect storm of a product we enjoy, people we believe in and a real need for some Sockeye love. We suggested they build a brand to match the glory of the award-winning liquid. We refashioned their brand experience, even assisting with imagery and design at their new brewpub in Portland's Slabtown neighborhood. Through exhaustive, if not delicious research, we arrived at the brand ethos of the duality of "seeking" and "enjoying." With this positioning, Breakside is emotionally connecting with loyalists and new drinkers and is built to crack-open new markets where they aren’t the hometown hero. Best of all, Breakside and Sockeye have become creative partners and we love to raise a glass together. Cheers.