Executive Producer

Sockeye’s Executive Producer is responsible for managing the production of all of Sockeye video projects including live-action production, post production, motion graphic, animation production, social content and hybrid projects. The Executive Producer serves as video group leader, working daily with staff and freelance creative and production teams. They work closely with leadership, account managers, and producers to communicate directly with clients. Sockeye’s Executive Producer is equal parts line producer and creative producer. They understand the creative requirements of any given project while they are able to sculpt the teams to produce the best possible, appropriate content for the available budgets. They manage the hiring of additional staff or freelance creatives and producers.


  • Participate in the development of creative concepts for client presentations and client and Sockeye promotional video and broadcast work.
  • Manage in-house staff and freelance creative, production and post-production teams. Responsible for communicating expectations, reviewing performance on projects and conducting annual or periodic performance reviews of the entire film and video staff. This position comes with the authority to recommend staff changes and the responsibility to implement those decisions in conjunction with a partner according to appropriate HR practices.
  • Develop and execute production budgets.
  • Develop, articulate, document and adhere to standard workflow for live-action, motion graphic and hybrid productions. Have overall decision-making authority on when and how to adapt those workflows to meet clients’ expectations and non-standard budgets and schedules.
  • Develop and manage estimates and production schedules for all F/V projects to ensure timely, efficient and profitable completion of projects.
  • Work with the Managing Director as well as Creative Director to ensure quality and customer satisfaction on all projects.
  • Develop and maintain adequate resources (staff and freelance) for a wide variety of project types sufficient to easily staff projects on short notice.
  • Serve as senior producer (when necessary) and communicate to the partners and operational directors when additional producer resources are necessary to meet work volume, or to better match skills or experience to project types for quality purposes.
  • Manage and maintain technology. Maintain and upgrade editing and motion graphic systems as necessary.
  • Make purchasing recommendations for hardware and software to most efficiently perform work. Similarly perform make, work-for-hire and lease/purchase analysis.
  • Work directly with clients on projects and inform the primary client contact and operational staff of key decisions for collaborative decision making.

Additional relevant but not mandatory working knowledge could include:

  • Script-writing, editing and evaluation
  • Video editing knowledge (logging, basic editing, etc) with Final Cut Pro
  • Show Biz or AICP budgeting
  • Multi-media project management
  • Working knowledge of FunctionPoint, Basecamp and/or Google Docs for Business
  • Client relationship management and development
  • Client and vendor negotiation

To Apply

Send us a short, simple email with an attached résumé to with the words "Executive Producer" and your first and last name in the subject. No calls or drop-ins.