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Four Questions: Director Wil Magness

Our in-house director/editor Wil Magness created a bad ass post-apocalyptic short film, scheduled to hit the festival scene next year. He talks robot suits, dreams, and the concept of “belief” and how it relates to politics.

AmsterGrams: 2nd Edition

AMSTERGRAM #12: At the opulent party of boutique denim I ask a lovely woman—where are your poor, Your mentally ill? She tells me she works with the underprivileged daily And I see in the jewels of her eyes— The Dutch take care of their own… Read More

AmsterGrams: First Edition

One of our ECDs Tim Sproul has taken up residence in our Amsterdam office. He’s drumming up Euro biz, making friends out of strangers, writing a novel, and drinking many a-frosty brew. He’s also sending poems back. They’re a life-line and a heartbeat. They’re his voice, reverberating even in his absence. They’re Amstergrams. Enjoy.

Our Resolution for 2016

Sockeye’s commitment to encouraging health speaks on a deeper level to our commitment to our team. It’s more than just urging everyone to hit the gym once in awhile—it’s keeping fresh veggies in the office fridge. Having a designated nap chair. Giving every team member a… Read More

SockeyeU: How to Edit Videos on Your iPhone

When you’ve taken an awesome video on your phone and Instagram’s super-basic editing tools won’t cut it, it’s time to turn to iMovie. We’re at the 42nd Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival expo today showing people how to use this free app to turn their phones into mini editing suites.… Read More

SockeyeU: The Complete List

Back in mid-August, we started sharing tips on how to “go back to school” without actually setting foot in a traditional classroom. We call this effort SockeyeU; it’s been a great chance to focus on what it means to be a lifelong learner and has brought some… Read More

Stuff We Like: Summer Reading List

All this month, we’re bringing you thoughts from around the interwebs on the art and science of chillin’ – why kicking back and enjoying life is so damn good for you as a professional and as a human. On our quest for relaxation scholarship, one… Read More

Recess: Water War

It has been TOO DAMN HOT in Portland this summer. As such, we had no choice but to wage a war on the heat with a brief but spectacular display of aquatic aggression.