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Where You’ll Find Us During Design Week

We’re stoked to be a part of three awesome events at this year’s Design Week Portland, and we’d love to see some friendly faces. This is where we’ll be — hope you’ll be there too! Good Company: From Studio to Storefront WHAT A panel featuring five West Coast… Read More

How to Feed Your Brain

As a part of SockeyeU, we had the pleasure of hosting certified nutritionist, health coach and writer Monica Metz at our studio for a session on brain health. Monica provides nutrition and lifestyle coaching “for pizza lovers and party people,” which is perfect for our chocolate-obsessed,… Read More

Who Would? Evan Rachel Would.

Evan Rachel Wood for Wildfang

If you haven’t heard of Wildfang, allow me to blow your mind: it’s a clothing company that makes menswear-inspired clothes for tomboys. They call themselves modern-day female Robin Hoods, “raiding men’s closets and dispensing the styles we love through a single destination.” In other words,… Read More

3 Events to Boost Your Creative Brain

Photo from

Sockeye’s newly-founded book club is reading Creative Confidence, an awesome, instructive book by IDEO founders Tom and David Kelley. It’s full of expert tips for sparking and harnessing creativity, but one piece of advice in particular stands out to our team: innovation starts with stepping… Read More

#TBT 2014 Highlights

We both worked hard AND played hard this year. Here’s some fun stuff that happened when we weren’t on our work grind: RECESS Our newest Sockeye tradition: once a month, we set aside the lunch hour to play gradeschool recess games, including dodgeball, foursquare, and croquet.  … Read More

Congrats, Mathys+Potestio!

Our friends at Mathys+Potestio have officially launched their new website! We created the design and messaging, local illustrator Patrick Long did the illustrations of each creative character featured in the slideshow on the homepage, and Austin-based Sundaram brought it all to life on the interwebs. It’s always cool to see… Read More

How It Feels to Get Pied in the Face

In honor of the latest Pie in the Face photo shoot for our new team members, we asked the Sockeye family to tell us what it feels like to get a big old pie right in the kisser. In case you’ve never experienced the joy and terror… Read More