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Moment of Truth: Andy Fraser

Accelerating through the winding turns of the Georgia countryside in a sweet little BMW 3-series had this value shopper asking: who is this rental car company and why was it so hard to discover them in North America?

Shine a Light: Collaborative Life Sciences Building


In 2015, we’re taking a little time each month to shine a light on an organization, company or individual in Portland doing something incredible. Our city is filled with brilliant minds making and doing brilliant things, and this is our way of celebrating them. Oregon… Read More

Resolutions for an Awesome 2014

Sockeye team New Year's resolutions 2014

Did we eat too much Christmas ham in 2013? Probably. But gym resolutions are a given. This year, our team took a moment to think about ways big and small that we can be better moving forward.

Sparking Dialogue At The Oregon History Museum

Oregon Historical Society’s mission is to be a steward of Oregon’s stories throughout history. And since Sockeye is a steward of Oregon’s brand, we were a great match for OHS to produce their interactive exhibits. Our first project with OHS was an exhibit called “Oregon,… Read More

Sprinting Through Boise State, Sockeye Style

The Mission We’re working on Boise State University’s collateral materials for new student recruitment, and in true Sockeye fashion, we’re not satisfied with delivering a final product that is in any way typical. Our team wants to think outside the box, while still capturing the… Read More

Winning Gold With Icebreaker

We love getting to work with products that truly kick ass. And when the product happens to come from a client who is fun to work with…well, that’s what we call a home run. Such was the case with Icebreaker. The New Zealand adventure apparel… Read More

Pie In The Face

Sockeye is a strange, wonderful place. We’re an anomaly, a hybrid of many things at once – a branding agency, a production company, a creative think tank – so neatly defining what we do is tough. But we think the first step is to start… Read More