Top 7 Rejected Holiday Party Ideas

  1. The OC Holidays

    Let’s give this American drama series from 2003-07 the tribute it never asked for.

  2. Genuis Bar Holidays

    Bring your cracked screen or a phone on the fritz, and we’ll tell you, nope, can’t help you. Dress code: khakis and polos.

  3. UHaul Christmas

    Happy Haul-idays, friends.

  4. MAXXmas

    Like the show Super Market Sweep but at a TJ Maxx.

  5. Triple Threat Holidays

    Dancing, Karaoke and Improv. Because everyone loves doing improv with their coworkers.

  6. Sweatpants Holidays

    We’ll couch-potato together, maybe binge-watch a show, doze? Let’s just see where the comfort takes us.

  7. Mary Christmas!

    Same as #6 but with cannabis. Relax! It’s Legal.