Four Questions: Dream Thunder/Thunder Dream

1. So which is it, Dream Thunder or Thunder Dream? Also, what’s your stage name?

Ill Mag: Those are both acceptable. Next question please.
P Money: It’s both and none of them at the same damn time. I’ve been called many things on stage, but P-Money is my true identity.
Stuart Getty: I’m so real my name is my name.


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2. Where did you come up with the idea for the song and the subsequent music video?

Ill Mag: We are all a part of the Environmental Task Force and so it is not a question of where or what idea who or what came up with but more a question of why it was not “come up with” earlier and how we justified not ensuring that such an idea and video was made available to the broad public yeahs ago when it was really needed. Frankly, I think this is long overdue and even spending the time answering these questions seems like time that could be better spent ensuring recyclable material is washed before being tossed into the respective bin.
P Money: We all realized that the lack of knowledge that surrounds what is and is not recyclable was hurting our planet. The only way to solve this issue would be to lay down some hot lyrics that would educate the masses.
Stuart Getty: The environment is so HOT right now. Literally.


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3. Does it feel equal in the band among the trio or is there a growing hostility or whispers of any solo careers on the horizon?

Ill Mag: I can only speak for myself and say that I believe we are all equally hostile and open to any solo opportunities that come our way. This is just how I see it though and I don’t want it to reflect poorly on the other members.
P Money: Next question …
Stuart Getty: I’m moving to LA to try out for Fear Factor, American Idol, Survivor, America’s Got Talent, The Bachelor/Bacherlorette, The Voice as well as Storage Wars. So, yeah, I’m gonna make it.


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4. What is your recycling pet peeve?

Ill Mag: People throwing something away that could be recycled. Please note that with a little extra effort, many of the things that cannot be recycled in the workplace can easily be recycled at designated locations around the city. We appreciate the support.
P Money: I think my biggest pet peeve is when there is food waste in the recycling. It not only ruins that specific piece of recycling, but can also jeopardize the rest of the recyclables in the bin.
Stuart Getty: You’d be surprised how many people try to recycle paper towels. Maybe this will help: you can recycle paper. You can’t recycle a towel.