The Manual

It’s a privilege to live and work in a city like Portland. And an even greater one to tell stories for a living, working with inspiring groups like The Nature Conservancy, PSU and OHSU to name just a few. I believe in the work we do at Sockeye. Helping others find their voice and speak with it.

Before my wife and I moved here eight years ago, we made films in our free time in Florida. We had a crew of about fifteen people, all amateurs with no experience (like us) but we made stuff. We made a bunch of short films, some that went on to festivals, giving all of us experiences we’ll remember forever.

For the last few years I’ve had a script in the works, it’s gone through a lot of revisions, editing and complete rewrites, but some months ago, suddenly, it was ready. The dilemma was that all of my friends were professionals and “professionals don’t do it for fun.” As it turns out, that’s wrong, at least in this case. As I told people about the film, more and more of them got excited and signed on. As far as I can tell, professionals almost only do it for fun.

Our film is called The Manual, and it’s a short science fiction film. Here’s a short description:

In a dystopian future, the last human boy is raised by a machine. He struggles with the loneliness of no human interaction and questions the teachings of a mysterious religious ‘Manual’ which the machine claims is holy.

Together they dig up his parents’ graves to find their bodies missing and the caskets to be portals out of this world.

We have put together a pretty amazing team of filmmakers so far and we are all beyond excited:

We will be shooting for three days in October out in the wilderness of Oregon and Washington keeping a keen eye out for opportunities to build the post apocalyptic world our characters live in through practical and digital means.

We are raising the remaining funds needed to produce the film through Indiegogo and our campaign ends on Saturday, June 18th, 2016. You can find it here:

On the page you will also see a short video that we put together on the film. It goes into a little more detail and has some visual references.

We are very excited to start shooting and look forward to sharing the film with you in 2017!