Our Resolution for 2016

Sockeye’s commitment to encouraging health speaks on a deeper level to our commitment to our team. It’s more than just urging everyone to hit the gym once in awhile—it’s keeping fresh veggies in the office fridge. Having a designated nap chair. Giving every team member a bus pass, access to indoor bike parking and time to exercise. Bottom line: it’s all about taking care of the people who make Sockeye what it is. In that same spirit, we’re making an agency-wide resolution to move more in 2016. We know it sounds a lot like the dusty old “get in shape” resolution, but this isn’t about fitness as much as it’s about living more fully through movement. Movement of body, and movement of spirit.

Each of us will make our own individual commitment to movement for the upcoming year. It can be pretty much anything: from learning how to surf to going on a new hike every weekend to trying aerial yoga. Whatever we choose, the motivation is the same: to live more fully through motion. Albert Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” We hope to do just that—to find balance, stay focused, get stronger, and nourish ourselves with the benefits of movement so that when we show up at work, we’re happier, healthier, and refreshed.

And we hope the year ahead holds movement for you, too: forward, up, and closer toward whatever it is you’re seeking. Happy New Year!