Four Questions: Director Wil Magness

Our in-house director/editor Wil Magness created a bad ass post-apocalyptic short film, scheduled to hit the festival scene next year. He talks robot suits, dreams, and the concept of “belief” and how it relates to politics.

AmsterGrams: 2nd Edition

AMSTERGRAM #12: At the opulent party of boutique denim I ask a lovely woman—where are your poor, Your mentally ill? She tells me she works with the underprivileged daily And I see in the jewels of her eyes— The Dutch take care of their own… Read More

AmsterGrams: First Edition

One of our ECDs Tim Sproul has taken up residence in our Amsterdam office. He’s drumming up Euro biz, making friends out of strangers, writing a novel, and drinking many a-frosty brew. He’s also sending poems back. They’re a life-line and a heartbeat. They’re his voice, reverberating even in his absence. They’re Amstergrams. Enjoy.

Tokyo Concussed

Senior Project Manager Yen Nguyen visits Tokyo, hits her head, eats all the food, and brings back a feeling of fresh new ideas.

Moment of Truth: Andy Fraser

Accelerating through the winding turns of the Georgia countryside in a sweet little BMW 3-series had this value shopper asking: who is this rental car company and why was it so hard to discover them in North America?