Four Questions: Director Wil Magness

Our in-house director/editor Wil Magness created a bad ass post-apocalyptic short film, scheduled to hit the festival scene next year. He talks robot suits, dreams, and the concept of “belief” and how it relates to politics.

AmsterGrams: 2nd Edition

AMSTERGRAM #12: At the opulent party of boutique denim I ask a lovely woman—where are your poor, Your mentally ill? She tells me she works with the underprivileged daily And I see in the jewels of her eyes— The Dutch take care of their own… Read More

AmsterGrams: First Edition

One of our ECDs Tim Sproul has taken up residence in our Amsterdam office. He’s drumming up Euro biz, making friends out of strangers, writing a novel, and drinking many a-frosty brew. He’s also sending poems back. They’re a life-line and a heartbeat. They’re his voice, reverberating even in his absence. They’re Amstergrams. Enjoy.

Tokyo Concussed

Senior Project Manager Yen Nguyen visits Tokyo, hits her head, eats all the food, and brings back a feeling of fresh new ideas.

Moment of Truth: Andy Fraser

Accelerating through the winding turns of the Georgia countryside in a sweet little BMW 3-series had this value shopper asking: who is this rental car company and why was it so hard to discover them in North America?

US and Them

The do’s and don’ts for entering the North American market.