Courageous or Stupid?

20 years ago, we started an agency with zero agency experience.

We've just opened an office in Amsterdam with zero agency clients.

We're either courageous or stupid.

You Decide

What's Sockeye?

A brilliant, red fish from America’s Northwest. A traveler, a seeker, pushing upstream, going against the grain. Sockeye seeks to work with courageous people who aim for a higher purpose. Now, we’ve migrated to Amsterdam for a fresh perspective and strong cultural connections. We help brands with very essential missions. We identify and leverage your “why.” It’s absolutely, perfectly rational and emotional at the same time. That’s how we connect brands and people. It’s not about winning awards. It’s about winning hearts and minds.

Why Amsterdam?

We came because we’re curious. We came to help European brands connect culturally with U.S. consumers. We came as a “creative consulate” to translate your brand in message, tone and voice. Nuance is everything. We work from the inside-out, inspiring behaviors from cultural truths resulting in the strongest creative work and the desired results. We also came for creative inspiration. Without inspiration, creativity dies. Let’s not die. And we came because the Heineken is way better here.